Meet Me

Welcome to Pink Mouse Digital Services

Who I am

I am a working mom, owner of my own online store of kids clothing, and during the process many people asked me how to create a web business, or digital material for them. 

Also, I am member of a Rotary Club, Attorney, and Certified in Digital Marketing.  


To Help You!!

Simple… I know what is to create something from zero,  work hard, and get results. Sometimes, the Digital stuff is a headache, but I am here, to make your life and business more easy with the Digital Services that I offer you.

What I Do

The 3-D Process


Define your idea

We can talk to know more about what you need for your business.



I can start to work on your idea with the most professional service. 



I will design according to the colors, and style of you or your business. 

Why Choose Me?

I can give you a Professional Service for a good price. I understand what means to create a small business, or need a digital service without hit our pockets. 

Originals, I worked according to your budget. I can offer you a package of services for your business. Discretion in materials, designs, and presentations. 

Problems with your website? Do you need an urgent digital service? Contact me!! 

Tell me what you need, and together we can create a goal. 

Some Numbers

and still counting…

Satisfied Clients
Projects Completed